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Perhaps in your very early youth you wore your very own set of footed pajamas for kids. You loved the snuggly comfort and would like your own children to enjoy a set for themselves. This article will go through a few of the various options you have at your disposal, such as styles, pattern options, and prices. I hope this helps.

These days, this type of pajama is far more stylish than it has ever been. In fact, some footed pajamas for kids look like absolute works of art. We’ll discuss some of the more popular styles for both boys and girls in just a moment. I just wanted to take a second to express my own personal jealousy, because when I was a kid, all I was really privy to were relatively itchy, solid color, woolen footie pj’s.

Today’s kids obviously have it much better, as their fabric options are lighter and more comfortable, and their pattern and style choices are absolutely fantastic. From their favorite cartoon characters and animals to designer prints and fabulous eye-popping colors, there’s pretty much going to be something that allows your kid to express his or her personality and not just think of these as boring old jammies.

Footed Pajamas For Kids – Popular Boys’ Designs:

* Black camo

* Blue camo

* Green camo

* Skull and crossbones

* Stars and moons

* Snowflakes

* Solid colors

* Two tones

* Animal prints

* Plaid

* Sport prints (golf, football, baseball, basketball, soccer, etc.)

* Too many more to list here

Footed Pajamas For Kids – Popular Girls’ Designs:

* Hearts

* Beach prints

* Animal prints (dalmation prints are really cute)

* Pink camo

* American flag

* Polka-dots

* Rubber duckies

* Purple camo

* Solid colors

* Two tones

* Far more than I can list in a single article!

This should allow you to get a small idea of what’s available. Many of these pj’s are actually even hooded… and in some cases these hoods even have cute animal ears to fit the theme of the pajama. So instead of giving your baby a teddy bear to sleep with at night, you can transform him or her into a teddy bear! My personal favorite is the giraffe.

The two most popular fabric choices for both boys and girls are fleece and cotton. Fleece is great for cold winters where cotton is ideal for other times of year. Of course, either can be purchased and worn any time of year. The classic fuzzy wool footie pajama option is still out there, too!

At the popular chain retail outlets, I’ve seen basic footed pajamas for kids being sold at around the ten-dollar price point, though for nicer pj’s from specialty shops (where you get the REALLY cool designs) the average seems to be between and per set. Kids love the pajamas, as they are comfortable, stylish, and even have a bit of a novelty factor going for them.

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