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High heels for newborns? At first I thought it was a hoax — U.S-based Heelarious has launched a line of high heels for babies aged 0 to 6 months old. When I read on, I found they are actually soft booties in the shape of stiletto that would collapse with weight. Creators of this infantile madness tout that the idea will bring smiles and laughter, no harm at all. They also claimed that their products sell like wildfires in the States and overseas. However, the fancifully sexualized footwear only irked some moms and kids experts.

The British Daily Mails says that the products are too adult for infants because of the overt sexual nature. Experts say the high heels just don’t fit infants’ feet at all. A mom says that infants should not wear shoes at all because their bones are too fragile, let alone sexual footwear. Even the manufacturer itself has the warning: Not Intended for Walking.

So what are these booties for? Creator Britta Bacon says it would have been hilarious if she could have brought her baby girl to a party in high heels. How many parents would like to watch their babies sucking milk bottles with a pair of stilettos on? What’s the rush in having infants dressed like grown-up women?

Here’re some comments from other forums and blog comments:

“I can’t even THINK of a coherent response to this. Mainly because I don’t believe that anyone who would come up with this crap is capable of rational discourse.”

“Maybe they’re for parents who don’t want their babies to walk? I really have no other explanation…”

“I find the shoes disturbing. Babies need to be able to waddle around safely. Besides, I’m all about age-appropriate dress. Heels on a baby are not age appropriate just as onesies are not right for mamma! Period.”

It’s an alarming trend that parents want little girls to be dressed like big girls and Heelarious helps satisfy some mothers’ needs at the expense of their daughters.

It’s time some parents rethink seriously about infant & baby shoes shopping.

kitty Qiu is author of Onesie kopen blog.